Friday, 29 March 2013

Sounds of our voice

We love to talk or say i love you without thinking
We love to promise without fulfilling our agreement
We take things slightly that is good for us
We love to get married but after sometimes we give up
Why use words like will be together forever

There is nothing permanent in life
We love and plan the future but we have no control of it
This is a generation that does not value commitment
It is us that are lost when we are guided to the path of life
We turn away from the door of the light

Why do we have days that we cherish and celebrate
why not cherish the gift of life every day
It is Easter we fell compelled to go and celebrate the day
You will hear us saying he died for us so show and treat this day special
Why not celebrate it every day because of the ransom that set us free
From sin and slavery.

Why will our until death do us apart mean that
When will I love you be the meaning of the word
When will our you are the only one be the only person in our life
When will for  ever be that we include God to decide that
When will i promise this and that be fulfilled like that

It is great that we want to get married and promise to marry someone
When will we ever make sure that marriage is a covenent and not a temporally -
contract that will end any given day
will our yes or no mean that when it is our time to die
how eager and bored are we to learn the truth

happy is the expected mother of a new baby

Sad is the person waiting for something that will never come
Amazed is a woman about to walk down the isle
Filled with sorry is a person disobeying his parents
Pain is the labor of our lies
love is the creation within us created by our creator

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