Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Pain

The pain of happiness is sadness
you said I punished you for loving me
but I punished you for cheating on me
you said I hate you cause you are the one meant for me
I hated you cause you played with my feelings

you said you had love for me
I only saw regret in your eyes
you said I have never loved you
I cherished and embrace your love for me

when you were I’ll n sick I was not there
but I have been with you for the first time you started to be ill
you accuse me of causing you the pain
I only made you laugh and forget your problems

you said I was not faithful
but each time you came from work I was there to attend you
you said I am divorcing you cause I have seen someone else
I am doing it so that you have something to keep you going with your life
you said I never understand you

You never understood the true meaning of love
that I had for you and desired for you to see
because you were busy with things that broke
our relationship in the first place

DON'T look at me like you can really see through me
For in the end you only see what YOU want to see
I'm NOT the girl in the mirror baby, I'm NOT even close
Why can't you see? I'm NOT the one you chose
The girl in the mirror is only a disguise

No matter how hard you try to pretend otherwise
We are stranger's still, YOU and I
You won't admit, you don't really wanna give up the lie
Ignorance is naught but a fool's paradise
It'll come crashing when I come to collect my prize
So laugh while you can, go on laugh till you cry

There's no escape for you why even bother to try?
Let's take this slow make it last a while
Change the rhythm of my conventional style
You're worth the risk why not take a chance

so emotional thoughts changed the behavior of the mind
you forget the nature of love and pain
like a beautiful mirror you saw yourself in two
but could not appreciate reality

By Oscar Stuta & Tara Solomons

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