Thursday, 28 March 2013

Breath Taking Words

 Can you feel you emotion is pulling me back
caught in the middle highway road
it hold you close like the veins of the heart
is pulling closer to love me

Imaginary soul wandering in silence
just to the door as you thought you were moving away
just a little as you cried of thinking of letting this go
when silence melody draws you near the destination

Can get you out of my mind
wandering what you are up to do things
I was ready to love you again but the shock I met
in the bedroom drove me insane

As it was long since I saw you
seeing the feeling that we had before
made me realized that I still cared for you
even that we live our lives separated from each other

You were tired being called the only one
as time passed us by you saw the opportunity to-
move on without saying goodbye
far too long i could hold you closer to me

You never knew that love could feel this good
We walked right through the dessert but we still made it
It felt good to enjoy the finer things of life
But goodbyes could not save our dying relationship

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