Saturday, 9 March 2013


It is so sad that you left me
i could not break through
its so sad that you were leaving
it took time to know you
no matter how hard you tried too put me aside

i spilled you out like a hot coffee
like a used tool i trowed you out
the blood in you eyes made me realised my mistakes
of how could i have lead my Angel get away
without wings you were always optermistic about everything
your open minded drawed me close to you

our past mistakes could not determined our future
the current dillema made me blind from you love
but what i wanted to tell you then was . . .
how much i loved you and my formal goodbye
but no words needed to be exchanged as i knew then

for how sorry i was for what had happened
i will never forget that night how i hurt you
i know i said i am sorry and will make it through
i was sad that you were leaving as i was hurt too
when i am no more will this words be the last thing you think of me

like a disease descended upon me you were no more
tears rolling down my cheek will never bring you back
the love i wanted to show you will never be the same
how ironic i wanted to whisper to you ears
how lovely i wanted to kiss your lips

how bitter my heart became when you were gone
you were my shooting stars
my moon and universe but you left to soon
my Angel, my chocolate deluxe, and sugar cane
how lonely i have become since you left me alone my Angel
who knew life could cause such tumoil

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