Thursday, 7 March 2013


What I did behind closed door was something terrible
I kept telling myself it will be over
like a drug it consumed me daily always on my mind
i had not regrets of what i did whats so ever
but i had a guilty conscience of what i was doing

i wanted to pray for it to end
i felt compiled not to quit it
like a hopeless woman i let myself fall for it
i needed someone to talk to
but i had no one to reveal my secret too

i kept lying to myself saying it was over
but i kept going there after a while
i was like an angel to the people who saw me
but inside me the was a devil i could not leave behind
As i had deceived so many with my words and charms

The were easy victims falling to my trap as a lured them in
the could not resist the words i spoke to them
I was a devil that wore Prado in the eyes of the world
I loved them
Cheated them
Broke their trust
but i never laid the hand on them

I used to apologise to them but the conscience died
The forgave me many times but i lied to myself
saying no one saw what i was doing
but that was the mistake i made which later
turn out to be vital and dangerous for me

but i never loved someone to pass the time away
i was dedicated to love a person until i got stuck in the cross road
i believed in honesty and the truth
until this girl came into my life and made me turn my back to my family

i knew what type of person she was still i went and fell for her
even after i was warned about her after i found out that the was something wrong
with her and his attitude but she told me it was too late for my family to accept me
then i said to her okay i am stuck with you forever
but the edge to get home came running through my mind like a lighting

one day i went back home and i asked for forgiveness not knowingly
the welcomed me and forgiven me of all the wrongs i did
Then i knew what that devil try to trick me so that i cannot return to
my friends and family above all the great almighty God
lessons in life regret the mistakes and ask for forgiveness

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