Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Apple of the world

Remember when the argument broke between us 
That moment you said you lost the precious thing
you loved the most and that you cannot bring it back again
prince charming came and swept you off to paradise

but i had let you go as i saw you had drifted away from
our commitment and marriage
once again i thought about the decision and promise we had made
but nothing came through for us as each of us had taken to much
from the relationship that we could not move ahead with it

like a deaf man you played with my soul
like a child you took away my youth
like a snake your venom killed me quick
like an orphan you used me and then spite me out

a woman in labour the pain you caused me was to much to bear
almost like a cloud my world you took away without a word
you were flying higher left stranded between a single bridge
the love you had was like a charity waiting to benefit

like a Carmel you beat me up but i stood strong in your anger
was I a fool to have loved you so much and got myself
laugh at by other guys?
was it my humbleness that made you loved other men more than me
was it my kindness that made you sleep with my best friend

was it a crime to have given you more than chances required
was it the jealous of helping children out that made you turn yourself into a mat
i have been bitter, sad, angry about what you did to me
because of our daughter i tolerated you enough but now
it is over pack your things and get the hell out of our life
will never want to see the mattress you turn yourself into it
your words tasted like blood

when you gone we got a peace of mind  

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