Tuesday, 5 March 2013

When i am lonely

The relapse came to me like a thief in the night
i became hopeless in overcoming it
i did not seek help in time of need
i thought all a lone i could manage it

why is it when i am sad i always think about you
when the loneliness is there i can do it with out you
why is it when i laugh i forget that you were always there for me
the price that you will not pay with you life for me

every time when i go to sleep i wake because i miss you
i cannot deny the way that i love
never the let you go away from me
remember how we made the day that will never part

what if the apology did not work for the mistake
is the a second chance that will last forever
the deal that said will never lie and part why is it
so empty without you by my side
what if i called you again to try and work it out

why is it that i can do without you beside me
why is it when i hear you name something inside get filled
with joy and happiness just for your name
remember what i had whispered in your ears
and said is there something forever

the air i breath is you
the food i swallow is you happiness
you made it work but you parted from me without
a word who do you think will lift me up when i am down
who will love me like you did
who can change my sadness into tears of joy
who will wipe tho tears away from my cheek's

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