Thursday, 14 March 2013

My Imagination running around

The cold summer night came that day
It spring into my heart like a viper
The thoughts were draining me in my sleep
I could shiver a pun in my chest
like clouds leaping a way from the sky

Headaches raged in my head
like a needle being put in the eye
the intimidating of myself in the mirror
gave me the worst stomach ache
present memories of life left me
with an answered questions

of why the drama and misery
the aghast and the stains left me with a mark
in my heart and mind and soul
I mistook the smiles for attraction
for friendship and love

I had forsaken the chance of being happy
for a fling that left me in the woods
I grieved for a heart that was not pleased
i wept for a small thing that could not last
I payed for being not obedient

I drowned my sorry in drunkenness
I hammered the success of being loved and lonely
Tears of happiness left me dry and wounded
The diamond of the house made me wanna die
inside of the house with its keeper

If died and had to be reborn i will choose this moment
with you, as i look in too your eyes i can hardly saw a word
The pulse stopped moving in my veins as the disorder appeared
total melt down came as a surprise when i dwelt on the past
Chastity became casualties for memories

False Pretences cost us the joy of life
free willingness of the mind started to appear
when your hope wants you to fall in love
let the sorry release the feelings of love
as their free giving me hopes of imaginations

Love so free why don,t it let me decide for it
give me sadness of joy
make me complete as all men left for guarded
like you cannot denier it for anything
gone to early for a moment in life and time

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