Monday, 18 March 2013

Soul Mate

Be the sweetest memories i am taking with me
colors of the rainbow made you special
i hoped life treated kind and had your desired fulfilled 
I wish you love and happiness

Th song played on the radio reminded of m
The cologne on your clothes aroused my desire for you
All night i lie awake on our bed dreaming of you
Children around saw me crying holding you pictures in my hand

your kissess where like a red wine
your touches were like a new born baby
your anger was like a deadly venom poison
your smile was like and angel on the air

This lonely nights killed me since you parted for me
I look outside the window hoping you will appear again
I can hardly accept the fact that you are gone
the food taste bitter without you

how i missed the sound of your voice
how i miss the love with had for each other
how i miss the passionate love we used to do
you were my soul mate that cannot be replaced

you warm tender affection will never come again
your sweet rose smell of your breath
All i had hoped will accomplished i am glad we . .
were able to complished.
I don't regret that i had found someone like you in my life
we stick'ed to our vows now that death ha separated us

now the remaining fact i how i am going to have to live
without you.
you were my chocolate dellux
my crispy chicken
my tender affection
my shelter in cold weathers
my pain killer in suffering
my water when i was thirsty
my pillow to lie to when i was tired

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