Sunday, 10 March 2013

The letter to you

As the air is coming out of me
as the time has finally come so utter this word
I am leaving you now it was not you
It was me the love i had for you was not appreciated

I have fallen in love with someone else the love
i showed her she appreciate
the things i buy for her she loves them
She is not quick to judge an act

I am sorry you feelings are hurt
I am sorry you trust is broken
I am sorry you emotions were played with
I am sorry that i do not deserve you enough

You played with my heart and feeling's
you wondered away all alone
apologetic because i was trapped in your love
i was a slave for your affection
a prisoner for your support

i wounded my self for you desires
i pierced my self in two for your friendship
i wrote the name of you in my heart
i am sad that i wasted my time with you
i am glad i found someone special close to you

she was there for me when i needed you
she supported me in hard times
she gave me comfort in times of need
she showed me the true meaning of love

I am the one to say to you i am sorry
we cannot carry on just like we used too
As i have fallen in love with my friend
tears my roll down you cheek
of surprise and shock

but she has stolen my heart and swept me off my feet
i write this letter  to tell you when you read it
you will find outside it was not you it was me
as we were meant not to be together

as i was not made for you and you not for me
to clear say it is over between us
i appreciate what we had and cherished together
but i do not love you anymore the love i had for you
is over and done with

sorry i waited so long to tell you this
the courage did not drive me enough to you
but i have fallen for my friend
sorry with love yours truly
former love XX

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