Monday, 18 March 2013

The piece of your heart

I took your heart
I promised to take care of it
when I couldn't,I was too proud to admit it

I was desperate to be loved by you
I wanted to hear you call my name
Even if you shoot me down in flames
That would have been fine

I needed your love as a desperate measure
I settled for less,because i wanted to be loved
U called me names and i pretended to be happy
I called you sweetheart even though you were not a man with the most
sweetest heart
at the end it was not only my heart that you took
u took more than a heart from me,only because I was desperate

I could move and do anything to make me forget you
I am glad that now i got you baby to a make me feel alright
the beauty of nature describes you of who humbleness
The colors of the rainbow paints of our blossoming love

i love when you whispered my name in the dark
How my heart gets excited when i see you smile
The center of my heart was you
the gold finger on your fingers was my warm care for you

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