Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Heart

My heart ache when i felt the pain inside me
i felt remorse when i saw tear drops from your eyes
i cried when the door was locked behind me
like a puppet i saw nothing good from you

a blade pieced me through the heart
words were like used sword cutting to the joints
vocabulary words used could not bring him back
platters used for combination kept braking each time

ironical two hearts that were meant to be one
tore its self apart like the one day winter time
when we were in gross in passionate love
that we had our affection showed

i started closing my eyes hoping you will touch my heart
one moment of prayer thought it will keep you near
hoped you will not be far away but a hurricane came
and you were forgotten in my hear like you never existed

tear of misery and regret followed me each time
the chance to say i love you again disappeared in a second
one moment to hold you close in my heart vanquished in minutes
the last kiss goodbye was far away in my mind

how i lingered  for one moment in time
how the words you were the one kept them hidden in my lips
blazing fires of memories burned me like a curse
but i did not have enough control of the heart
the heart was i mystery thing that i could not help
achieve its desires

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