Monday, 11 March 2013

Jealous Over Fact

It was this day that i felt i should take the journey to you heart
because you head was full of illusion and myths
you said i was cheating on you and have fallen in love
I asked you what made you say that?
because my behavior has changed

i was not the same person you had feelings for
i looked at you with amazement in to you eyes
although you tried lowering your gaze from me
i saw right through you and smiled
because for the first time in my life i saw you were
obsessed with me but not in love

you said in anger i was crazy and abused you trust
and that i have moved from you to a rich person
all along i was waiting for you to ask me who is this i have
fallen in love with
but jealous burned through your mind
filled with all kind of sad things

each moment and question you asked yourself
was I the one cheating on you or it was you playing
with my feelings because you had a friend
who made you special from the rest of the world

the person that you said i was cheating on you
and have fallen in love with is . . .  . .
her name is the one and only  . . . . .
you fool because the change of behavior was you
as i am in love with only you
the person that i am cheating with is you

you choose to follow your friends advise
and left me stranded for your attention
i could not have gone out and get someone new from me
as i am your only first and last lover you will ever had

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