Sunday, 24 March 2013

The question Asked

will it ever matter if i had moved on with my life
will you ever cry if you found me cheating
what will you say if i told i was in love with your mother
Who will you go to if she felled the same way for me

Will you be in love with me if i had no good looks
Will you appreciate me if i was not learned
Will you still look at me if i became blind
Will you called out at me if i pass you hanging out with you girls-
and i looked like a street kid?
will you still kissed me if i had my lip chop out

Will you be faithful if i had to leave for a year?
Will you still tell me you loved me if i was paralyzed?
Will you still helped and love me if i was unemployed
Will you be with me until the end of time if you found out-
I had a disease that made me unable to do things?

this is the questioned we never asked our selves
Like a tumor in my mind i wonder
are the lady that will stick with me?
what attracted you from me is it the way i talk?
Or the way i am my looks my charm or money?
I keep wondering why the question never have explanation

What if we were sleeping together and you woke up-
and found out i was married what will you do?
What will you react if you herd i had kids outside our marriage?
Why is the heart never likes to rest for a day?
why the rumors take control of our lives?

I love the questions the give us perspective
what if tomorrow never came what will we do?
what if the chance did not come to ask this questions?

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