Thursday, 13 December 2018

Love like deep waters

Her orchid eyes are glowing.
In flaming shades of blue.
So ardent is their blazing.
No well-turned word or phrasing describes their smilling, knowing in any way that's true.
Her voice is honey.
Singing she calls me to her side.
The words like gentle thunder.
Will draw me, pull me under as I am running.
Bringing the tender things I hide underneath.
Her form is like a craving in perfect, Perfect stone.
I stroke it with all the wonder.
My peerless, lovely plunder.
I am reeling, Starving.
To rest with her alone.
Her love is like deep water.
That flows from wooded glade.
A stream that's wide and rushing.
A swirling, dancing,gushing.
I feel my cheeks grows hotter within the glad cascade.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


When I look in your eyes I see a love restrain.
I wrote a poem in my birth.
Another at my own burial.
If you wanna love me?
Honey don't refrain.
A melody of my confessions.
A drawing of my love To you.
A song for my charisma to your heart.
My own creation lived in your heart.
I see you with your platinum tears.
I gaze at your fragile hearts.
Never mind the pain we can still find the way.
Although memories live on.
I see you and I care for you.
I am a flower and you are the see.
Let me be with my memories.
Cause you will always be there keeping me awake.
I don't want to wake up one day and say.
I am in love with another woman.
All I want to do is hold you deep in my arms.
Cause you are the melody that I want to wake up next to.

Breaking inside your wall.

Just how sweet you are.
How you made my heart glow.
All along you were my crush and friend.
It took me along time to realize that you were the one I had been running away from.
My place of happiness.
With various colours of ink I painted your heart on it.
With different scrubbing blush I poured out my soul for you on the wall.
With abridging lyrics I sang songs of love for you.
Eventually I found myself hallucinating alone for your affection.
Creating shapes and puzzles of you glowing beauty.
But my meekness finally teared down your wall.
We found ourself laughing about how you made me work for your love.
I am in a happy zone of life.
Cause your beauty surrounds my everything.
If they said love is a headache I will gladly want one.
If you can brake my heart?
Will go and have a second one for to play with it.
Cause I heart goes for what it wants.
But you are my blessing I don't want to trade for anything else.
You are the part of me that cannot function with another.
You are my break in🌹🌹🌹

Last minutes

Everyone blamed you.
Last suicide attempt
Why do you even talk with her.
It's was her if she did not come to his life.
He was perfect and cute all alone.
It was never her.
We broke up that day before I burned and crushed.
When my only medicine and remedy left me I snapped.
The reason for my being alive died.
I was alone.
They said it your fault.
Actually they did not have all the facts.
Because of love I became a mad man.
I wrote letters numerous times blaming you.
But my own doing lead me to my grave.
The last minutes of my life you made me happy.
All along it was me.
You were never the one to be blamed . . .

Is it Amnesia or Not?

Knock! Knock! On the surface of your heart.
I am still are one that promised you heaven.
Willingly to fulfill your dreams. 
I am still the one you heart lingered for.
Now I am hopeless confused.
The is someone you has captured you.
Now I gave you become you stalker.
People have turned you against me.
Still the one who gave you butterflies in you stomach.
The one who sang you melodies before you sleep.
But your smile . . . . Still smelt my heart away.
I don't know if it's amnesia that made you forget me.
Did rumours play to your head that you abondened me.
You uttered that I am obsessive towards you.
My prize possession I have given you space and time over and over.
When I reach hight of loneliness I just gaze at our photos.
Wondering what happaned in a week that I was out on a work training.
Now I am unable to delete everything that's yours.
Cause the feelings and love I have for you wouldn't let me.
I am not trying to be weird of have stalker vibes let's just reach out to each other.
To find the cause of the problem we are having.
I feel like you mugg me off.
That you had no choice but to do it.
Truelly we are both weird and crazy.
Is it an amnesia or a fake one.📝🔏📝🔏


You were never mine from the on set.
While I had sleepless nights planning our future.
You where wondering who is your second option. 
While I slave myself for a brighter tomorrow.
You were sneaking away from me.
My love to you was cheap.
It tasted like a Jamaican rum.
I became a punchline of joke to you.
You were mocking me day and night.
I persevered in this nameless relationship.
Hoping you will change your attitude.
You let different people have different parts of you.
But I gave up willingly cause the was nothing more I could offer you.
No one left to cover the hand and foot prints left in my soul.
I gave you my patients and time.
I was taught to be silenced.
To become mute in an argument.
To be quit while deep in my heart I was dying and perishing.
You broke me down and I could never be repaired again.
Now I am a lonely wonder.
I am scared to offer people anything except my body for them to remain with me.
I was fighting a war with an enemy inside my camp.
I lost my morals and dignity cause you took everything from me.
You gave it to my foes on silver platter.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Masses of the heart

Lately we've done some growing up.
Without you I feel little different now.
The insect that whispered in my ear is no more.
No more going through turmoil now.

Loving hurt each and every time.
It's the only thing I knew how to do it.
My love to you was like a blanket you could get rid of it.
Courage to love slowly faded away.

I never want this story to end.
But the pages tell of how one manipulated the other.
My love to you was like that ring you were in your finger.
Now I am going through the book to see where it all went wrong.

We kept out lover in a photograph.
The memories makes us human.
Giving you my all made me feel like a person.
I was enchanted to your heart.
I become a slave of having feelings for you.

Broken and betrayed every vow in my body.
Disregarded every Wiseman advise.
The picture that you painted in my face.
Remain there like a trauma experience in seconds.
All of it was a smoke screen.
To keep me close to you cruel intentions.

It gets easier with time that a lie.
The memories linger through the echo of the house each night.
The replay of affection the bed keeps reminding me.
The shattered glasses of the Windows on the floor shows misery of anguish I felt.

Tried taking the easy way out going to sea to drown.
I was rescued by strangers.
Now I am telling a tale of how the masses of the heart wounded me deeply than a knife could.
My soul has an opening of misery and pain.

Now that it's an eve of our anniversary.
I feel clasta phobiac about the whole ideal.
I cannot be helped cause it's psychological not physically.
The memories would not leave me alone.