Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Masses of the heart

Lately we've done some growing up.
Without you I feel little different now.
The insect that whispered in my ear is no more.
No more going through turmoil now.

Loving hurt each and every time.
It's the only thing I knew how to do it.
My love to you was like a blanket you could get rid of it.
Courage to love slowly faded away.

I never want this story to end.
But the pages tell of how one manipulated the other.
My love to you was like that ring you were in your finger.
Now I am going through the book to see where it all went wrong.

We kept out lover in a photograph.
The memories makes us human.
Giving you my all made me feel like a person.
I was enchanted to your heart.
I become a slave of having feelings for you.

Broken and betrayed every vow in my body.
Disregarded every Wiseman advise.
The picture that you painted in my face.
Remain there like a trauma experience in seconds.
All of it was a smoke screen.
To keep me close to you cruel intentions.

It gets easier with time that a lie.
The memories linger through the echo of the house each night.
The replay of affection the bed keeps reminding me.
The shattered glasses of the Windows on the floor shows misery of anguish I felt.

Tried taking the easy way out going to sea to drown.
I was rescued by strangers.
Now I am telling a tale of how the masses of the heart wounded me deeply than a knife could.
My soul has an opening of misery and pain.

Now that it's an eve of our anniversary.
I feel clasta phobiac about the whole ideal.
I cannot be helped cause it's psychological not physically.
The memories would not leave me alone.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


She only knew she was impelled by some force greater than her will.
Touching her lips that warm her flash.
Merely touching them wasn't enough.
She was drowning in a wealth of sensations.
The salt maleness she could taste beneath her mouth.

The heady scent of the feeling.
Her need if him so compulsive she could breath.
Until his tongue found the sensitive cord in her neck.
As the storm raged outside.
A pulse beat tensely against his jaw.
Feeling the clenched tension if his skin as he swallowed.

Muttering something she couldn't decipher.
Her protest muffled beneath the burning possession of his mouth.
She felt the kiss that had none the sophistication from ealiear kiss.
Her thumb probing the softness of his lips.
His gaze made her shake with need.

Her heart ached to hear words of love.
How would she feel?
When her soul cried out for more talk than that offered by his body.
Like someone trapped In a dream she let her imagination go wild.
Bemused by his brain her eyes followed the progress.
The pounding surf echoed by the heavy this of her own heart.
Having a desperate need to escape the intimacy.

Impelled by her own treacherous need of desire.
Her eyes dilating in sudden shock at the intimate contact of his body.
Eyes locked in a bitter dual of love.
Spiralling waves of pleasure thudded through her.
She would feel this earthy sensual need to have her body ripen with a man"s seed.
Although she had always like kids.

Finally she found out she was a won bet.
All of what happen was not real it was faked?
Her heart slowly started to bleed.
Tears of motion run through her aching body.
Easy way out for her was luking ahead of her.
She drowned if a flood of betrayal and sadness.
It was her last time she was even seen alive.
All the flame that burned his body consumed her in a flame that could not be put out.💔💘🔥🔥🔥

Monday, 29 January 2018

Playing hard to get

She started to shake inside.
Felt sick with anger and distrust.
Now that the culprit that broke her heart was back in town.
The past memories were clouding his judgment.
Neither do I care.
As a far, I am concerned the past is over . . Dead . . Finished.
She was immature and experienced to believed to be in love and that it will last forever.
Thoughts she didn't want to acknowledge started to surface.
When he left her she thought she was part of his life plan.
When he uttered I love you that he meant he would always love her.
There is no reason to start over again.
She could still smell the scent of his skin.
When she closed her eyes she could hear the sound of his breathing echoing in her ears.
She thrilled to the knowledge that her touch excited him.
How treacherous her heart made her to be.
Recalling the slightly rough sensation pleasure of delicate of friction caressing her lips.
It was him who made it hard for her to be loved again.
Because of him, she distrusted her own judgement.
One of the hardest things to believe is that love is synonymous with desire.
When you have realised that you are depriving yourself of happiness.
Due to the lack of moving on and facing reality.
That you are actually in love with the person that you dread to hate so much.
When the only solution is to admit to love him and find joy.
Why did you he not utter the words?
In fairy tales is always the man expected to make moves.
But men aren't Gods.
There are only human with their feelings.
They suffer from all sorts of doubts, fears that we woman experienced.
They need the comfort of knowing they are wanted.
Chosen and loved plus valued.
I played hard to get cause I was scared of my own feelings.
That you will find me vulnerable and weak.
The love I have for you has overwhelmed me to forget the past things you did to me.
That I cannot leave
That you mistake no longer matter and forget them.
Because it's only my heart and emotions that you have touched that draws me to you.
No man alive can do that touch my soul rather than my body.🌹🌹🌺🌺
this world without you.


When you mistake a desire for love.
Getting a feeling that it will last forever.
Sidelining all of your friends. 
Everyone becomes an enemy when they tried to advise you.
Paranoia turns to reality.
Like an ocean wave, you are tormented.
Like a side dish, you are stranded without an escape.
When family turns to a foe.
Infatuation takes over your whole life.
Like a burning fire tears stuck under the eyelet.
When hope and dreams are buried under the mud.
Promises are broken and trust has vanquished.
No one isn't here to help and rescue you.
When that desire has been fed you find you were played.
Momentary pleasure is satisfied.
No one to call or talk to.
Innocent stolen through deceiving and lying.
When your own voice scares you.
When your pride and ambitions are no longer important.
Time is lost and wasted and you are blaming yourself.
Realizing a pro mocked your hair with trickery.
So heaven and earth you were promised are no longer valid.
Like a rubbish trash, you are tossed aside
on dry land.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Running after memories.

What is so special about this?
I mean writing poetry?
Every day sending it to different strangers?
All over the globe and to unknown readers?
The truth is that I met someone on that day.
That is why I write every day of my life.
To seek refuge and grace at the same.
Pardon for every day mistakes.
To ask for forgiveness.
When I chose my career over our relationship.
Apologies for each daily mistakes that could be taken back.
To say sorry when I hurt her and did have the guts to own up to the problem.
Most of all to ask forgiveness when I brought woman to her house for my own entertainment.
To beg mercy when she was praying for my protection and safety in was busy lying with another woman.
To plead for a second chance for my in maturity.
I want to say sorry when I forgot to tell her how much I loved her....
Assuming me that she will remain with me for eternity.
But I was totally wrong.
When she passed away in lost all that time.
That why wise people usually say the time is now!
I'f you want to love do it now!
If you want forgiveness ask it now!
If you want a relationship go for it now!
Or else you will sing "in my time" and find your self regretting you missed chances.
To all you people out there in a relationship, call or send a message to your partner tell her how much you love them.
To all of you wanting to have someone in your love pray about it and have patience about it.
You don't want to rush into something after getting married.
Then true love knocks at your door.
Cause there is no love that begins after marriage.
Love starts right now and it never ends.
When last did you utter the words 'I love you'
Cause all I have now is memories.
Running after them like an antlete. 🌹🔥🔥😭

Uniqueness of love

We felt in love when we we're kids.
Our bond was unbreakable.
The feelings we had was out if these world.
But strangely we grew up apart.
The love kept growing stronger.
The bliss kept blossoming.
The fire made the passion to keep burning.
I could believe you waited for me.
Your mother request ed too much bridal price.
She had a stronger influence on you.
She whispered lies in your ears.
You were torn between me and her.
Eventually you choose her over me.
Now that you are getting married.
To the person you have zero love for him.
I lead you to your alter holding your hands.
Love will make you do strange things.
The love i had for you wanted to celebrate with you.
Although I died inside while I lead you to your groom.
I could just let you go.
Cause my feelings for you never perished.
The keep burning even now.
I wish I had a knife that can switch off what I feel for you.
I am stuck to move on and start a new life as well.
It's you that I only see.
I need your love to move on.
They say time is a healer of pain but it could not bring you back.
The fastest way to kill a person other than a bullet is to fall in love.
And have the one you put your hope, feelings and dreams to piece it and distribute to the entire world.
I love you and I gave you away to your new husband.
I was honoring your wishes.
The uniqueness of love us that the is no escaping it.
The only way is to go the dam and drown there by myself.
You left my heart bleeding on the ground. 💘💔😟😧


Your face is beaming.
Inside I am dying to see you succeed.
I don't have a reason why I want you back but I just do.
Now that you so opened and trusting.
Now that I am back standing in my side-chick spotlight.
Cause I don't have a heart to face you.
I had vouched I will never let tear drops roll down your cheeks.
But I forgot I am human and I make mistakes.
Which I am afraid to face the consequences of my actions.
I lash out so much lately cause I"ve been self pity on my own.
Since I dream about stories they will write when I am dead.
All the things I long to hear about love is you.
The say the fastest way to kill a person other than bullet is love.
Since I am so far away I stare in the windows.
I long to take the journey through your mind.
To see you inner deepest thoughts.
When I close my eyes is you that I am thinking of.
You and me we used to sip wine and kill time.
Try to fix the mystery between us.
I miss those moment I let pass me by.
I want to steal a piece of time.
To return to the way things where.
Say something don't give up on me.
I will be the one if you want me to be.
I will have sold the moon to be next to you.
I remember every little thing.
The scent you left on the pillow.
Your kiss that was soaked in wine.
What if I tell you there is no fixing me.
Everyone has tried failed dismally.
Can you still love me anyway.
My dreams are a billionaire away from here.
I pray that you love what I do.
What if I am half crazy.
I don't know what is love.
But if this what we are having I don't want it to sleep away.
Just the other day I wrote everything down to say to you .
In case you did not know but I am crazy about you.
Plus I am in love with you even if I don't say it all the times.
That kiss did something to me.
I will be mad if I say I can live without you.
You got all of me.
I am nothing without your love.🔥🌹