Thursday, 7 December 2017

Running after memories.

What is so special about this?
I mean writing poetry?
Every day sending it to different strangers?
All over the globe and to unknown readers?
The truth is that I met someone on that day.
That is why I write every day of my life.
To seek refuge and grace at the same.
Pardon for every day mistakes.
To ask for forgiveness.
When I chose my career over our relationship.
Apologies for each daily mistakes that could be taken back.
To say sorry when I hurt her and did have the guts to own up to the problem.
Most of all to ask forgiveness when I brought woman to her house for my own entertainment.
To beg mercy when she was praying for my protection and safety in was busy lying with another woman.
To plead for a second chance for my in maturity.
I want to say sorry when I forgot to tell her how much I loved her....
Assuming me that she will remain with me for eternity.
But I was totally wrong.
When she passed away in lost all that time.
That why wise people usually say the time is now!
I'f you want to love do it now!
If you want forgiveness ask it now!
If you want a relationship go for it now!
Or else you will sing "in my time" and find your self regretting you missed chances.
To all you people out there in a relationship, call or send a message to your partner tell her how much you love them.
To all of you wanting to have someone in your love pray about it and have patience about it.
You don't want to rush into something after getting married.
Then true love knocks at your door.
Cause there is no love that begins after marriage.
Love starts right now and it never ends.
When last did you utter the words 'I love you'
Cause all I have now is memories.
Running after them like an antlete. 🌹🔥🔥😭

Uniqueness of love

We felt in love when we we're kids.
Our bond was unbreakable.
The feelings we had was out if these world.
But strangely we grew up apart.
The love kept growing stronger.
The bliss kept blossoming.
The fire made the passion to keep burning.
I could believe you waited for me.
Your mother request ed too much bridal price.
She had a stronger influence on you.
She whispered lies in your ears.
You were torn between me and her.
Eventually you choose her over me.
Now that you are getting married.
To the person you have zero love for him.
I lead you to your alter holding your hands.
Love will make you do strange things.
The love i had for you wanted to celebrate with you.
Although I died inside while I lead you to your groom.
I could just let you go.
Cause my feelings for you never perished.
The keep burning even now.
I wish I had a knife that can switch off what I feel for you.
I am stuck to move on and start a new life as well.
It's you that I only see.
I need your love to move on.
They say time is a healer of pain but it could not bring you back.
The fastest way to kill a person other than a bullet is to fall in love.
And have the one you put your hope, feelings and dreams to piece it and distribute to the entire world.
I love you and I gave you away to your new husband.
I was honoring your wishes.
The uniqueness of love us that the is no escaping it.
The only way is to go the dam and drown there by myself.
You left my heart bleeding on the ground. 💘💔😟😧


Your face is beaming.
Inside I am dying to see you succeed.
I don't have a reason why I want you back but I just do.
Now that you so opened and trusting.
Now that I am back standing in my side-chick spotlight.
Cause I don't have a heart to face you.
I had vouched I will never let tear drops roll down your cheeks.
But I forgot I am human and I make mistakes.
Which I am afraid to face the consequences of my actions.
I lash out so much lately cause I"ve been self pity on my own.
Since I dream about stories they will write when I am dead.
All the things I long to hear about love is you.
The say the fastest way to kill a person other than bullet is love.
Since I am so far away I stare in the windows.
I long to take the journey through your mind.
To see you inner deepest thoughts.
When I close my eyes is you that I am thinking of.
You and me we used to sip wine and kill time.
Try to fix the mystery between us.
I miss those moment I let pass me by.
I want to steal a piece of time.
To return to the way things where.
Say something don't give up on me.
I will be the one if you want me to be.
I will have sold the moon to be next to you.
I remember every little thing.
The scent you left on the pillow.
Your kiss that was soaked in wine.
What if I tell you there is no fixing me.
Everyone has tried failed dismally.
Can you still love me anyway.
My dreams are a billionaire away from here.
I pray that you love what I do.
What if I am half crazy.
I don't know what is love.
But if this what we are having I don't want it to sleep away.
Just the other day I wrote everything down to say to you .
In case you did not know but I am crazy about you.
Plus I am in love with you even if I don't say it all the times.
That kiss did something to me.
I will be mad if I say I can live without you.
You got all of me.
I am nothing without your love.🔥🌹

The heart

My heart is never at peace when I see you crying.
It feels so real and painful gazing straight in your eyes.
I am afraid for you own sake.
My heart is like an opened highway.
I don't want any preacher to tell me your mind.
I just want you to look me in the eye.
My slowly heart beat is only for you.
I can't stare at another woman cause the face shows you.
I closed my eyes and picture you resting on my lab.
Since no one is right or wrong with how the feel.
I just find a reason to be strong in your warm embrace.
You used to leave to say you love me.
These are our words.
Our words are our thoughts.
I beg for you heart.
I steal for you.
I plan to recapture your smiles again.
Sorry I missed your birthday.
My heart was plundering in a mud.
After I saw you standing with another person.
I could contain the rage jealous I felt in that instance .
I will give anything to wipe the slate clean again.
I need you like musian needs lyrics.
I want you like a child need breastfeeding to be alive.
Hope you will love me like a mother and baby very for her new born baby.
So that I can get on my knees like a pastor praying for the mass.
This heart of mine smells like you cheap perfume.
That still drives me mad like a lunatic.
My heart us hopeless with out you in it.

Leaving in sin.

I am not broken like an arrow.
I don't need no diamonds to make you mine.
I just want you to look me in the eye.
Can you baby tell were do I fit in?
This love they call it sin.
Can't wait to kiss you goodnight.
Leaving on our own the world call it sin.
Where do we fit in?
We guilty for being lovers.
Go on the chapel and get married to me cause we cannot go on leaving in sin.
I close my eyes and picture you and me.
It's seems like there a lot going on.
Hearing your voice reminds me of that place.
Cause you give love a great name.
Will give anything my blood and skin to stop you from going.
I will please you.
Promise to never leave you until the end of time.
I hold and love you.
I give all my needs for you.
If you read it all today.
If you will be in these arms tonight.
Guess you wanted to secret say goodbye.
I was not there when you were happy
I was not there when the pillow was soaked with your tears.
You left a drowning in my tears.
You will not be there to save me.
Words are not enough to do what love can do.
I will not promise you tomorrow.
Will bow down in front of you if you will be mine.
Tired leaving in this uncertainty of love.
As my broken heart heard you crying a thousand tides.
You said your love was suicide.
You swimming off a shore with my heart.
I pray constantly for one more chance with you.
Now we no longer have a hidding place.
Because I am bowing to yesterday.
Running out time to be close to you.
When you breath will be the air that comes out.
When you sleep i will be your pillow.
When you wake up i will be your mooning sunshine.
I did not mean to miss your last bus.
I want to be last cab that takes you home.
Even die for you.
I know you loved spending time with me.
My heart is burning wanting to be out.

Love is you.🌷

It's raining in my heart.
Flowing deep inside me.
Drowning in my soul.
Silent in this fire but will not burn away.
Love has turn me into a believer.
Holding on without dreaming.
Love is all I knew before I fell.
Like a stream I let it carry me into the ocean.
Dancing in this fire but will not turn away.
Through the darkness can you hear me.
Calling for the love to silent my pain.
Clinging on the touch of you skin.
Waiting to be prisoned by your love.
Silents rushing through me like a echoing wave.
Love will keep me strong.
It is all I want but with you by my side.
Crippled me with your touch.
It's has been raining in my heart for weeks.
Waiting on your fire not to burn me.
Waiting to be carried to the deepest place in the sea.
You turn my sour day to gloomy mornings.
My past keep hold on me but you were there to take me to new length with your glowing love.
You passion and kisses where all I needed to survive.
Love has sustain me even now with me and you growing together.
Only the dark pit which is death can separate us.
Love is all that we need to keep growing old together 💔🌹🔥

Last night stranger

You will meet a whole lot of people.
Some greater than others.
Some sweeter than honey. 
Others sour more than vinegar.
Humble as snow falls.
But there is that stranger you met.
Who turned your whole life to a new meaning.
Using small gestures.
Turning you into a believe.
Wondering why did he come into your life.
When you are with him you forget that the world exist.
That pain and sorrows have no meaning to you.
Feeling that there more to life than worries.
Then of a sudden he has to depart from your life.
When you start accustomed to him.
Then you get mixed feelings.
Running a marathon inside your mind.
You end up saying he was a stranger send especially for you.
But you can't go to sleep.
He is constantly in your mind.
Thinking is this love of fever that you are feeling.
But there are no answers you getting .
He was a last night stranger passing by.
Which he took your heart and pain with him.
Only if you had a chance or day to share with him.
But you home has blossomed from a meeting with a stranger. 🤔🌺🌹