Thursday, 9 February 2017

To the beautiful mind

Even though the world says you are young petite and ebony.
You are beautiful in your own skin.
You are mature in my eyes.
You will hear negative words outside.
You will succumb to pressure and negativity 

You are your own woman in your rights
You can decide on your own.
You have feelings and a fragile heart.
Although some might advise you in a good way but you hold the final one.
I have seen the most gorgeous woman around the world but have never seen a humble soul like you.

I know I am older than you but the matter of the heart are between two people.
Every time I talked with you my heart skips a beat.
My friend tells me what am I waiting for.
I tell them I want you to be ready emotional for something with me.

Your maturity attracts me each time.
Your smile makes me weak on my knees.
Your laughter sends me heart to a cardio rest.
I lie awake at night thinking about you. 

Wondering if it's possible for the two of us.
In this cruel world.
You will hear rumors that have never existed.
Peer pressure will be on your shoulders to turn me down.
The question is if your hearts want what will you say?

Only minutes

It takes a minute to crush on someone.
It takes an hour to like a person.

It takes a day to love someone.
But it takes forever to forget him.

A friend is someone that without uttering a word after you leave, you fill like it was the best day you had.

It's not until we lose it that we miss it.
But you never know happiness until that one friend shows you the wonder of being cared and love.
What's the point of having it all unless you have that one thing that makes you whole.

It takes stupidity to cheat and five minutes to enjoy the lust. 
But it takes you a lifetime to be alone and miss what could have been.

Never take for granted those small things people share with you.
Those memories are for a lifetime.
If you stay in a company of four millionaires you become the fifth one.
But if you stay with three fools and you will become the fourth one.
Return love to the one handing you one.


Your smile filled my empty house.
Your visits brought colour to my dark life.
Not knowing where you came from did not bother me.
Even though you were not perfect but my heart found peace in your face.

Even though you think not everyone was not the one.
I was always there for you supporting everything you wanted.
I could not heal the wounds of the heart.
But I was your friend. 

You accepted my proposal without any problems. 
How could you do it for six months?
By pulling away the last minute before the wedding. 
You took me like a fool and drop me like a hot potato. 

If you could tell me a little lie, will have agreed. 
How do you say you love me without any actions.
Being a bachelor was worst than being lied to.
Loving me was a fantasy for you.
While for me it was real.

Although I could amend you hurt heart. 
You left mine bl
eeding on the floor. 
Being friends with you was enough but you said the feelings you had could have exploded if you had to hide them.
Now I am miserable alone confused whether to start drinking or comit a suicide? 
I am racing in thoughts feeling hopeless?

Don't know which direction to take.
Guest I arriving for a no show wedding.
It's true when they say if you want to get killed fall in love and you will surely die.
I died the minute you call it off.

Showing appreciation

Even though you took me for a stalker the first time.
Sorry for having your numbers.
I knew once you gave me a chance.
Your world was going to be different and new.
Although you have never met me face to face.

I wanted to be that shoulder you cry on?
That person you could share secrets with.
I did not want to replace your boyfriend or family.
I wanted to be that special friend of time of need.
Daily I know life keeps throwing obstacles in your way.

I believe in you that you will reach your destination in style.
I pray for you to have enough strength to face anything.
I am no angel or prince.
Not even a poet just a man with imperfections.

Just want to be your sunshine in the morning.
Your comedian when you need a laughter.
Your doctor when you I'll.
Your confident in time for talks.
I am showing appreciation to you.
No matter who you are? know that you have a friend in me.
Thanks for having me as a friend.
You are highly esteemed to be part of

Friday, 11 November 2016

I will never abandoned you,

Your tears tell of a tale not yet understood,
The pain in your eyes paint your struggles.
Your smile reveals secrets yet to be exploited.
Your compassion explain why its hard to move on.
If I shed tears for you?
Will you grant me a favour?
Should I return home with my tears.
Will knowing your secrets get me closer to you?
Run to me when ever your lonely.
Come to me when you need a shoulder to learn on.
Put your worries in my pocket,
Abandoning you is like forsaking my own life.
I will never tell you a lie
I will be the only one who will forever be around to shine for you in your darkest hour.
It my seem I lost my mind
But mt craziness its because of you,
If you seek the moon, I will rock up in the sky to bring for you.
I will sell my soul to release you from chain.
If you can believe in me
I will grant you heaven if you stay in my arms.
Because your friendship had given me deeper meaning to you.
I will crawl to the fire for you,
Cause abandoning you will be the end of me.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Blessing turned into Curse

When inner circles crumbles down
flirting it’s the only outcome
when childhood friendship turns into foe
love meant for one is divided into two
household money is used for illicit things
Enemies are cheering your downfall
when my love is not enough to you
it took only a week to end a four-year thing
when my soul shed tears of betrayal
only I thought my hand fitted yours
Hoped you were the one I can share a future with
you were only sleeping with me
but you shared your fears and dreams with a stranger
I loved you with all my heart
younger brother words stole your heart
When I saw your glowing face when you heard his name
I admitted to my heart I was losing you
but the manipulator was not into you
he was after revenge of unfinished sibling fight
you played and dumped me your future husband
you were played with your emotion and heart
The blessings and warmth you received from me
even If you missed me body and soul
you will die alone in the blasting cold of being played.
I prayed for my heart to be by your side
know the love that turned into curse through flirting

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

I missed that person

That said write a book and I will edit it,
If you crack a joke I will laugh at it,
If you play a beat I'll dance to it
Who words where like soothing remedy,
Who's friendship I value more than wealth.

Those words inspired me when I locked down in a dark pit
Where did she goes to
I searched the whole world but there is no ounce of her trace
I keep wondering is she married
Does she have children

Are all her wishes fulfilled
Is she still loving as she was back then.
I wish I could turn the clock backwards.
When she told me those words I took them like a joke.
Later I realised they took a lot for her to utter those words.
I am left stranded without her address.

The gap that has opened they offer me no sleep at night.
The truth was that my eyes got opened later in life.
Only remains I have are the words that she left recorded on my mind,
"If you jump I will catch you at the bottom of the sea",
"If you are trap will sacrifice myself for you to be free"
So don't take anything for granted in this short space of time,
All the relationship are important whether years started or the just got off the ground.

Value those who sees potentially in you,
Tomorrow nobody knows what's in store for us.