Sunday, 17 March 2013

The offer I have For you

I loved seeing you laugh and smile
I loved waking up knowing that I am going to see you
I loved talking to you and hearing you talk about yourself
I loved the cologne you put on yourself

But the was so much to say to you
But the when i saw you i could articulate any words
Seeing you with another man made me jealous
Bearing in mind someone coming taking you away
i could bear the thought of it happening

When you gave me the chance to express how i felt for you
I could do anything or move as i found myself frozen
with excitement and fear of how to say it
when I glance in your eyes it was like gazing at the truth
I could feel tepid within because of your love

There was much more to tell and do
When you said you were getting married and felt that
you were leaving something behind you could not do it
I was timorous and puzzled about the news
I could feel the heart beat of my heart increasing

Gazing straight to your eyes a tear drop felt from my eye
when you ask what was wrong?
I lied when i said it was nothing
I wanted to express myself to you and tell you how much
I loved you and that i wanted us to be lovers

But then your sudden news and excitement when you
shocked and kissed me and told me the thing that was missing
in your life it was me all along you have lived and wanted to tell
me how much you loved me and who could not do anything
until now that i was the only man who made you perfect

When you said you were in love with another person
I never knew you felt that way about another alternative
guy who made you feel extra exceptional
I never thought it will be me or it was me
i Thought you meant your fiance?
I could imagine more you were in love
with me and you had feelings for me

The only man who appreciated you and you felt like a woman
The man the made you see anything is possible
and dreams can be realities and more
But i saw pain in your eyes when i said . .
I will always be there for you in good and bad time

That when ever you need someone to talk too
i will always be by your side
just as i always have been and will forever be just a Friend
Only a Friend nothing more?
Yes a friend nothing more but remember i will always
love you as a friend that is what i have to offer
Then you broke down into tears and felt the pain
Sorry for everything this is my only offer

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