I was lost all along trying to grow
when you walked out of that door
I knew you are the air that i breed
You are the more than diamonds and pearls
I wanted to thank you for the words I sing

The ink put on the paper could not be return
The chances blown could not be the same
The love that i played with went in front of me
But the gift of my magical words could not save us
The hope of a future together kept me going

Like a sick puppet i followed each way of your journey
But the believe and the passion i had kept me sane
Although it was too little too late for makeup of the lost time
Journey never ended as the beautiful nature kept me inspired

Creation in front of me showed me with positive thinking everything is possible

Words where not enough to bring you close to me
talking with everlasting words made you change route
Like a wolf i waited until evening to come to you
But when dark times close my mind the memories kept me going
The brain might be blocked or dead but joyful time will always remain

Greatest time as a writer showed that when the mind is blocked
go for a walk outside and see the lovely nature and read to get inspired
You will still be here tomorrow to learn and share the experience
Its now time to make change as we are still young
Find the inner you and settle down and inspiration will come knocking
As i know it time i had to go