Saturday, 8 June 2013


Youth is full of life, Age is filled with death
It ought to be cared for and looked after
After all these years i see tear drops of blood in my eyes
The bitterness of life has taken over its talls on me
As i wish to be young again filled with life

Love and laughter was merely madness in my life
So cure and punishment became one in my eyes
corruption won but honesty remained dominant
when wills of time change the faith in me drifted away with time
emotion left me stranded and sad in the dry weather

I was a typical old man who could not appreciate somethings in life
how i find myself alone and in misery over the years gone by
Casanova life could bring me happiness when i needed it
how i wish i could have apologized for my mistakes
How i look in the mirror everyday and time passes me

Death was not worth of tears
Death scared me in my lasting days as i could not find peace
my unkindness toward others took me to the resting place
There was no one close to me that hour came
i was no more than a rotten potato inside filled with anger

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