Monday, 12 August 2013

Love you

The feelings I have for you won't ever change
A life without you, I can't imagine
I will follow you over any range
Never ceasing my love or passion

In your hands and care my hearts been placed
Please hold my heart dear, careful not to break
Futures combined and not to be erased
Trouble trusting though this risk I will take

No matter what by your side I will stay
For always and eternity my love
Feelings grow stronger each and every day
With you my heart and soul sores like a dove

Now this poem is coming to an end
This small info of my feelings I've lend
Don't take this poem for granted for to attempt to tell my feelings will be hard to do again

As i have poured all my heart to you with this only and final poem
There is no other to let you know how i feel about you
and that the rainbow and sky i could hold back from you
The time has run out for you to know i love you

But the promise i had made to share my feelings with you
Will forever remain close to my heart
As time keeps on moving how a glance at the clock
how i smile at night seeing your face before me
but time stopped but the love and feelings cry out

Written by Megan D. Bullard & Oscar Stuta

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