Thursday, 15 August 2013

The death woman final wishes

Too the one who will be talking over from me
This is what you have to know that since i am no longer alive
Is to for you to know that he loves you too much
Please take care of him as he is now alone in this world
No one to comfort him and to talk to him

This letter i have written for the one who comes after me
I now he is broken and blames himself for my death
he misses me like lion looking for its cubs
the pain he was in when i was ill i could not help him
if you reading this beyond unreasonable doubt he love you

I want you to know one important thing i am glad he has found you
I wish i could you have had the chance to meet you
i am glad and hope you feel the same way as he does
beside my handsome love you are the most precious thing thing in his life
Love him,care for him,strength him and make him laugh

i am not there now with him but in memories will forever be there
his heart is broken but my hope you can make him feel like a youth
Sometimes a man with out love is half a man but his devotion last for all
give him the extra love i could have not given him
he will be nothing if you also abandon him please love him

he might fool the world but his is hurt inside feel that gap inside him
rejuvenate him and make him fell special again
His eyes tell the story of a life time of joy and sadness
Sorry for you to be reading this letter but wherever i am at peace
To know you are the one for him and you will leave the life that_
will make you both happy and loving in every away
The time had come for me to depart from this world
Congratulation for being the important woman in his life

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