Sunday, 18 August 2013

The woman who gave up everything to be with a coward

I find you working up as a maid
i saw how beautiful you were and said nothing
I promised to make you famous but got caught up
in this world
you called but i could not pick up the phone as i laid in hospital
you came and look for me but as you saw me you left in a hurry
thinking i had fooled and lied to you

i was a star myself so famous everyone wanted a piece of me
until i became a slavery to alcohol which took my fame to dust
but i saw that you were gifted more than me and you could be a star
eventual i won you over you quit you joy as a maid going for your dream
i got you connected to the people in charge and a greed to be you teacher
when it was time to show what you had you got scared and lock yourself in

But i begged you and told you to do it for me because .. . . . . .  . (crying)
I love you and you came out of the closet and did what i had taught you
company bosses signed you and you went to become successful and a star
When you won you first biggest award i went and sat at the bar with a bottle.
full of booze and i told myself i cant let you be in love with me
Cause i was going to drag you down with me and i left you

At my house yo came and ask me what was wrong i told you that
A drunken man like me was not good for you image and told you
to leave me alone as i was at peace that way being single
you cried and said i was with you in bad time and if i cannot be-
by your side in good time you will give up everything you had.
if you did not have by your side at all times
that moment when you told me that i realized i was evidently in love

your started missing you shows as you were caring for me
bosses told you to cut your losses with me and you said
this fame and everything i have because of this man i am in love with
it became clear to them when you said until i said i had enough of you
then you will pack your bags and leave me.
you mother ask you how can you stay with me while not married
the answer was you don't care what people said as you had feelings for me.

being a slave of alcohol i made one fatal mistakes of causing accident
you influence got me released from prison and your image got tainted
i could survive without alcohol i started stealing you own money
to help me with alcohol addiction i had.
then i made a solemn promise to you that i will be clean for you only
and became the new person for you my love
then i left saying i was going for small walk and will be back shortly

I took the the 30 minutes walk into a 11 high building nearby
Climbed the stairs and went to the  eleven floor and looked down there
and jumped down where my brain got scatted everywhere on the ground
the coward that was me could face my problem thought dead was my -only way and solution for my problems.
the coward took the easy option out for my own rest

I hated to see you coming to bail me out of prison
to see me lying in bed in the hospital that feeling made me unhappy
i did this for you so that i cannot be a burden to you anymore
i wanted you to be happy without me abusing you emotional
i know it my seem selfish of me to kill my self but there was no other way
never forsake your dream because of my sorry motive

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