Thursday, 29 August 2013


The mysterious about life you can never know when you are happy
you might be happy but someone close to you on the other hand may be dying.
you can wake up feeling excited for the day ahead of you and then  a call may come in and disrupt your day.
you may leave you wife at home healthy and excited before you start your day you hear that she has passed away.

unexpected you are getting ready for a wedding day while in the alter someone stop the wedding and said that you wife to be is caring his child.
trusted honest husband you leave him in bad sick and you go to work ten minutes on the way you forgot your file you find him in bed with your neighbor who is also married as well.
your only child you kiss him good bye as he?she is getting ready for school
along the way a call said that you child is dead in a hit & run accident.

you send your child to church to learn about God and you hear that the trusted Pastor is abusing you child and others.
you expect your child to come home from varsity with a degree and she comes home pregnant with a lecture child.
you love someone for nine years and you are getting ready to propose to her and she tell you she has been cheating with your half brother.
A delivered sister is preaching to people to repent from their sins and leave moral lives but her on the other site she lives her secret life like a whore.

you are newly wed couple and both of you have never drank alcohol and then you hear one of you say i am going on a drinking spree this weekend.
how well do you know and trust your partner some have sacrificed so much and left their parents to be with their thought to be soul mate and got dumped in the last minute.
humans are like dried up trees never trust and put your whole life hope on them their are unexpected and like a passing weather.

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