Monday, 26 August 2013

A year alone . . .

i was more than i thought i would be
moments raced with destiny in cold mountain of Geneva
dreadful from the troubles i had passed by in time
there were always chances for a third time but was that enough
lasting forever was mechanism of the brain and mind

dont make me close my door as you will not entered again
putting your arms around me that was what i really needed
your love broke the barrier that stopped us from loving each other
the 80% of love i gave you and could accepts the 80% of love you were given me
I was afraid of being loved back but i loved giving you more love than should

Dear lovely priceless wife where you go to work and come back home
leave all of you politics outside the door of you job and dont bring it here
you mood swings of day in day out leave them where ever you should
i am getting tired of this constant arguments between us it gets no where
Or maybe you want me to divorce you on the spot that will not happen

Dear Hubby when you out with your friends and enjoying yourself to the limit
Dont forget you left me you wife inside this mansion alone
you stress problem leave them of your friends place because i dont tolerate shit
in my house if you what to cool down hit the shower and come back and talk like adults
Divorce it is not an option or solution you can go and hang your elf on a tree if you thinking
about and that i dont do it we communicate and resolve our marital issues

our love was not like war easy to begin but hard to let each other go
Problems were like a dialogue comes easy also easy to get rid of them
Love was like a disease to us we could keep our feeling from one another
Friends were like insects god time their swam in bad time the are all away from us
Our bonds and vows were like burning flames when face with temptation

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