Friday, 30 August 2013

What is separation really . . . .

I sit and wonder alone when i hear that people are separated
Always you will hear after 30 year of marriage when decided to separate and we thought lets remain as friends and go out to our favourite place every week.
Why bother separate if you want to remain as friends?
you could have said lets take a break not separate

It is like finding the person you loved the most hurt you intentionally and after that you said lets remain close for what.
If separation or divorce means lets remain as close friends
cheating will mean go ahead doing it will forever be friends
Separation has to mean we tried it did not work it was pleasure meeting you it is total over nothing or connection between us exist.

If the is something still burning between us why try and fix it.
If it is total not broken give it a chance to grow once more.
The love that makes us passionate to each other why waste it?
The chance that is there to regroup why not use it to save our marriage

What is the point of separation when we are much more in love?
We separate only if there is nothing left we can do for each other
and that burning flames is your eyes has died then we can go separate ways.
people have to different ways only where all option were exploted and none was much for use.
why waster money energy if after all has been done you will be friends?

different opinion of people for separation i find it odd and crazy
Then you will say we remain friends for the sake of our kids
Why use kids as porns in your games of chess
If i divorce it means is over no more friends this thing we call friends is when we are getting to know each other after we are history.
Separation mens you go your way i go my mine that's all there is.

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