Friday, 6 September 2013

The last 5 minutes i have . . .. . .

This may come as a shock to you but i have to say it
All those moments and laughter we had made me realized
that all though life is short but there is hope
Dreaming of you every night made me want to live my life
but i only have a short time remaining so i have to tell you this?

you may ask yourself why i have waited so long?
but the honest truth is that hurting your feelings was not the plan
there is a saying that when a man is about to die he things of the importance of life that he had wasted.
I know what i can say can make and brake your heart at the same time.
Things that i considered to be worthy where worthless to have.

i will not say you are beautiful because you know you are?
I will not give you complement because you got before leaving your house?
i will not say your are pretty you parents tell you that every time?
But i have one thing i am offering you now whether you accept it or not?
i will not mind it as i am about to run out of time.

i am offering words to you that you have never heard of them
i have no riches to shower you with them
i have words only poets dream of saying to their loved one
i have margical words only singers which hope they will sing them one day.
I have gift that only parents wished their children had

I cannot say i love you because i will not mean it
i can only say to you can you please be mine
i don't need you as a friend because i have many of them in my house
i only want to take a journey to your mind and understand you better
So that you thoughts and emotion i can help when you are in need
of me and of my love and attention to be with you  always

but only i wanted to say to you is . .  . . . . . (could finish with the conversion time run out before i had said)

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