Monday, 30 September 2013

Stay Don't Leave me

Lonely without you next to me
when you left me in this abandoned house all alone
when i followed you out of my house i lose the touch on my hands
i wanna hold on to it even you don't have any reason why we should try
i want to be the one you run to when problems arise

my holes are beside you wherever you go
in  this world of lies and deceit i find peace and love in your eyes
the burning flames of you light the dark path i work to
if you ever ever sick i want to be sick with you
If your ever get bored i want to be bored next to you

my love is inside you more than you could go
i can never remember life with you how it is
feels like thousand of years gone away with out you
i hear the angels singing promising i will be with you for ever fro this day
if you ever go away take me with you to that place you are going to

either way there no one you can run to beside me
if you ever lonely i want to be lonely too
Whatever may come in there road i want to be with you
through space and time until our stories fuses to shine
cause you know where my heart is

i rather go through pain that love puts us through
than spend a day with you
i know with you i can face the whole world without fear
love enough for both us to share it
if you ever leave can you please take me with you

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