Monday, 4 November 2013

This is Goodbye . . . .

i never knew i had a feable heart
not tell you what is it that has made me cold
being with you in the same bed every night
unable to look you in the eyes was that
Something between me and a friend has changed

the feelings we have for each other has taken a different turn
i am sorry to have had to tell you like this
the passion between me and you has turned cold and boring
The spark you had at first seem to have faded away
Sorry to have to say this is goodbye i have found someone new

i know and you can shwered your tears right now
What are going to do now that your lover has found something new
i have to go away i am leaving you with the house and its belongings
i am going away for a fresh start.
you can get on your knees all you want but i am going away

this is goodbye my sweetheart life does not have to stop for you
you deserve better than me i had this feeling you will get your prince charming.
the headache i had to see myself miserable in this house was too much.
they say second time around in love is charm.
you will forever be close in my heart

for all of my selfishness please forgive me for that
i can really imagine what you are going through
feeling betrayed by me this way i apologize for it
dont blamed yourself it was purely me you cause you this pain
bye bye my goodbye melody

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