Thursday, 7 November 2013

We Pretended and we became in Denial

It started out a friends every thing was perfect
we enjoyed each other company like siblings
everything turned out fine
as we had promised not to love again after we had heart breaking
relationships that were based on lies.
one accident changed all our beliefs and hopes

It was just one kiss and everything that was a fantasy became real
it took a lot for me to know this was love
only small things meant a lot to get me through
Not a single day passed by not thinking about us
you laughter you moods change made me see
Either i am in denial for this burning feelings

It flatters me to see you happy
I never knew love was better the second time around until i meet you.
i wanna thank you for opening my eyes and show me love is real
Although this pretending that something is burning is not there
it is a plain lie we can stare in each other in the face
We no longer express how we fill because the kiss was just something special.

I am tired of sending you sms, and calling you on the phone
i am going to be a man about this and say it might scare you
or you can find it shocking but this words i have never uttered them
To anyone but i have to say i was in denial for too long but it comes
to this that this friendship is no longer working for me i want more
you captured me with you tenderness and i am in love with you.

when i said we needed space and you deserve someone better
that was a coward speaking and a hypocrite>
Love does not need big things to know is calling you
i love you enough i know i cannot give you what you need now
but promise is that your hopes and dreams i will fulfill
come and embrace our love for each other
i am madly in love with you
Everyday i woke up love sick in bed just thinking of you

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