Thursday, 22 August 2013

I have fallen in . . . .

I have fallen in love with the beauty of nature
I have fallen in love with a woman who respect her self
I've fallen near a bridge filling with high level of water
passing by like streams flowing close by me

I've seen people amazed by the sound of love turned blue
i have looked every where for my soul mate but could find one
i have been attracted by different types of woman but none of them stood up.
i made mistakes in life not one them was regrettable

I've been everywhere except where my heart should be
i travel alot searching for my hearts and thoughts what do they need
forgetting the answer lied deep inside me
Wind blow me in all direction peace came to me like a thief in the night

popularity brought misery as life became unpleasant for me
the gifts that i received could bring me pleasure out of it
As time went bye the loneliness in my house was not bearable
there was an aroma missing in the house which bought life

the matter of the feeling exposed this broken mind in public
the soft heated person was not really doing great about fallen
The truth and the fact is that this thing i have fallen for is that
I have fallen outside my own bed and that i cant wake up from it

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