Thursday, 7 December 2017

The heart

My heart is never at peace when I see you crying.
It feels so real and painful gazing straight in your eyes.
I am afraid for you own sake.
My heart is like an opened highway.
I don't want any preacher to tell me your mind.
I just want you to look me in the eye.
My slowly heart beat is only for you.
I can't stare at another woman cause the face shows you.
I closed my eyes and picture you resting on my lab.
Since no one is right or wrong with how the feel.
I just find a reason to be strong in your warm embrace.
You used to leave to say you love me.
These are our words.
Our words are our thoughts.
I beg for you heart.
I steal for you.
I plan to recapture your smiles again.
Sorry I missed your birthday.
My heart was plundering in a mud.
After I saw you standing with another person.
I could contain the rage jealous I felt in that instance .
I will give anything to wipe the slate clean again.
I need you like musian needs lyrics.
I want you like a child need breastfeeding to be alive.
Hope you will love me like a mother and baby very for her new born baby.
So that I can get on my knees like a pastor praying for the mass.
This heart of mine smells like you cheap perfume.
That still drives me mad like a lunatic.
My heart us hopeless with out you in it.

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