Thursday, 7 December 2017

Caught in the cross fire

When you are stuck in a crossroads.
Thinking you had it all.
What went wrong?
Did you become too pride and haughty looked down on your relationship.
Was it a moment of temptation that lead you are stray.
Missing the cuddling?
The romantic pillow fights?
The blindness disrupted you soul mate to sleep away from your palms .
That moment of weakness can brake or make us strong.
The company we keep influence our choices.
you found yourself in love with two different people you cannot choose one of them.
Perhaps you are more in love with your friend than your partner.
Life always brings us to the crossover bridge.
It's either we gamble with our hearts or we get stuck in a endless and emotional draining relationship.
Even though people might not like our decision but we have responsibility to keep.
Before regrettably take a leap of faith.
See where is this stream of love taking you too.
Hopefully when you are staring on your roof top house you can simply say I took a chance with my feelings and felt the glimpse of love.
Regret is a waste of talent and time including emotions.
When the dust has settled feel the joy that love has to offer.

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