Thursday, 7 December 2017

Last night stranger

You will meet a whole lot of people.
Some greater than others.
Some sweeter than honey. 
Others sour more than vinegar.
Humble as snow falls.
But there is that stranger you met.
Who turned your whole life to a new meaning.
Using small gestures.
Turning you into a believe.
Wondering why did he come into your life.
When you are with him you forget that the world exist.
That pain and sorrows have no meaning to you.
Feeling that there more to life than worries.
Then of a sudden he has to depart from your life.
When you start accustomed to him.
Then you get mixed feelings.
Running a marathon inside your mind.
You end up saying he was a stranger send especially for you.
But you can't go to sleep.
He is constantly in your mind.
Thinking is this love of fever that you are feeling.
But there are no answers you getting .
He was a last night stranger passing by.
Which he took your heart and pain with him.
Only if you had a chance or day to share with him.
But you home has blossomed from a meeting with a stranger. 🤔🌺🌹

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