Thursday, 7 December 2017

Love your Good byes

I sat by the door alone.
Hoping you will call just to hear your voice,
Promised to give you friendship for eternity,
Being at your side forever when you needed a shoulder to cry on.
Landed you my ear to whisper your deep secrets.
When tears started to roll down your cheeks I comforted you with laughter.
When someone took you heart for granted I amended it with Happy ending Romantic movies.
When you felt unloved and wanted I supported you with my presence daily.
Now that I have found someone for myself you want to keep me as a prisoner for yourself.
Finally I am happy you turned yourself into a blackmailer.
Now that I am happily married man you are my family stalker.
You want to possess and own me for you own sick thoughts.
You have already forgotten I never abandoned you.
My wife knows about the promises I made to you and I intended to keep it.
That will be there when you needed me the most.
But I have an obligation towards my family, that takes priority
You are just bitter and jealous for no reason.
All along I thought were best friends nothing more.
I keep wondering what is it that you want from me.
Insults if they came my way from you would have tolerated them.
But directed to my wife you have crossed the limit and boundaries of friendship.
This is where I am ending it all the promises and the so - called friendship we had.
Most of my life I had confused you with happiness and laughter including joy of life.
But I neglected myself in the process of making you happy as a friend.
Just wanted to let you know for our old time sake friendship.
That Little Catherine my daughter that's her name.
Has your mouth and lips.
Know that I loved your Good bye
Take care hope you will find someone more than me in life.

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