Thursday, 7 December 2017

Black bird

Why is sorry overheating my heart.
Heart become loneliness.
Mouth uttered painess. 
How could I thrive in this life?
I was born bounded by chains of tears and headaches.
I could never love anything in this world.
Had never been taught from birth how to do so.
I was castrated to missery and anguish of this life.
No one can tame the crying every night alone in my bed.
Can any know the Thoughts of my heart.
Do people exist that can put me out of my hopelessness.
I commit suicide every day in my sleep but find myself awake every morning.
Black bird your mother was loneliness.
And I was a cheap and unwanted trash.
They said love is beautiful and every thing it holds nothing back.
But I am bounded by chain of poverty and illiterate.
When nothing comes right.
I try to sing words never come out.
I scream lounder than anything but the sound is isolated in my body.
All I have seen and still see is cruelty that has blinded my mind.
It has become a lordship of my life.
Black bird you cannot fly.
Black bird there is no hope for you.
Black bird the voice inside has kept you a prisoner.
Black bird you are slave of your own doing.

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