Thursday, 7 December 2017

Leaving in sin.

I am not broken like an arrow.
I don't need no diamonds to make you mine.
I just want you to look me in the eye.
Can you baby tell were do I fit in?
This love they call it sin.
Can't wait to kiss you goodnight.
Leaving on our own the world call it sin.
Where do we fit in?
We guilty for being lovers.
Go on the chapel and get married to me cause we cannot go on leaving in sin.
I close my eyes and picture you and me.
It's seems like there a lot going on.
Hearing your voice reminds me of that place.
Cause you give love a great name.
Will give anything my blood and skin to stop you from going.
I will please you.
Promise to never leave you until the end of time.
I hold and love you.
I give all my needs for you.
If you read it all today.
If you will be in these arms tonight.
Guess you wanted to secret say goodbye.
I was not there when you were happy
I was not there when the pillow was soaked with your tears.
You left a drowning in my tears.
You will not be there to save me.
Words are not enough to do what love can do.
I will not promise you tomorrow.
Will bow down in front of you if you will be mine.
Tired leaving in this uncertainty of love.
As my broken heart heard you crying a thousand tides.
You said your love was suicide.
You swimming off a shore with my heart.
I pray constantly for one more chance with you.
Now we no longer have a hidding place.
Because I am bowing to yesterday.
Running out time to be close to you.
When you breath will be the air that comes out.
When you sleep i will be your pillow.
When you wake up i will be your mooning sunshine.
I did not mean to miss your last bus.
I want to be last cab that takes you home.
Even die for you.
I know you loved spending time with me.
My heart is burning wanting to be out.

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