Saturday, 11 October 2014


that life was like a tv game if you died you start again
that woman and man were not complicated
that we learn and take responsibilities
stop being childish and decide what we want

you cannot say we are friends but deep down you want me
you let a knife cut you down night and day
after years looking for my things i see a letter written
you can be miles away hopeful you will end up on my door step

i stare at your eyes seeing the flame of love still burns
i could see that you were in love with me always regarded you as a friend
we man are blind if you say we are friends thats all we are
but woman are confused why decide to be my friend in the long run
you are expecting a fantasy that happens in your imagination

lets stop hiding behind friendship and express our feelings
we can kill fear if were are true to ourself
lets desire something worth living rather than dying
lets kiss life we hope and joy
let us enjoy the harmony of love

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