Thursday, 23 October 2014

Troubled conscience

cant smoke cant cry cant drink
every night is pain and empty room
missed you crying at night and comforting you
tears have dried out from my eyes

one stupid night turned to ambush
the blade that cut you pirced me inside
the night that you run away from me
has turned me into a pscho

eloping with some i thought it was you
has left a barren in my soul
i drunk my sorrow away but my mind is not at peace
i pretend to be fine but something is broken

they came and go but my mind is on that fatal night
the food taste like sand in my mouth
my thoughts are all in dispair
nothing can change the past
the future looks in vain

my eyes are filled with blood
my shadow fills like a stalker
who to call?
who to talk? to for i am troubled
by my conscience

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