Monday, 27 October 2014

please call "its over"

you had the audacity to drop this bomb
with no words exchanged
you fell i was the one who deserved to be blamed
you had to run away from a show down

after  i gave you keys to my kingdom
you enjoyed it to the fullest
then you spit it out like a chewed gum
after the tasty flavor satisfied you

like a  small child you hide behind ancient mistakes that took placer
you could act like a mature person i thought you were
you craved for the riches of my world that i could gie you on a silver platter
so the media could offer solution/

what happen to communication?
where did the loved we had for each other go too?
where is the choice to expressing our feelings gone where?
instead please call its "over"

if my heart problem could kill me
those words set me free from bounded chains
although we hurt each other in a long time
imagine what you wanted from me i could have given you
your heart is still beating i could be yours
all though the world wanted to share me with you
i denied tgem that opportunity

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