Saturday, 18 October 2014

Borrowed Time

life is like a changing weather
unpredictable as it is
apologize for keep waiting for decades
sorry for not caring for your needs

i was so lame and could expect you will go someday
it was like a lie when they broke the news
i wipe out the tears from my cheek
i pretended to be the one for you

it begun as a playing thing but did not know it could hurt like this
that not loving and carring for you could torment me
i was a fool to play you like that
now that you gone i feel the emptyness in my life

now that you are lying in the waiting room for the next life
i see the void that  is left in me
how i wish the clock can turn back again
how i wish our song "crusin" was meant for it

life is a borrowed opportunity dont waste it on dreams
used it for benefitting out of it
is an experience that wait for no one
love and cherish each other while there is still time

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