Thursday, 30 October 2014

Poetry play that turned into tears

nice body
lovely lips
look at those curves
what about what is inside?

people are being raped, killed
our daughters are being taken in front of us
and when we see the news we saw how could they?
what do we do?

society has failed our people
we sit with our plasma and get glued to the screen
what about those innocence children?
that who;s freedom has been
taken away from them?

how do we call ourself fathers when we sleep with our own daughters?
how can you say i am a mother but you are sleeping around with boys
your last born age?
how can i say i am a free generation when i sleep with somebody the same age as my grandmother?
how can we say we are a community when we can handle our own children?

are we lost as a generation?
is the hope for us a human race?
how do i feel as a grown man we are go clubbing when my son is?
 am i a father when i date children my daughter age?
do i smile when i call myself ben 10?

how will i feel when a man my age is dating my daughters?
will i find peace in this world if i encourage abortion?
will i love when i have devasted the nation with kids?
this justice system has failed our people

written by oscar stuta
inspired by Pacofs play called (poetry cries)

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