Monday, 31 August 2015

Woman the most precious gift in the world

You never asked for much
continuing doing the work in a quiet state.
Taking care of everyone needs.
Helping the neighbors with warm love,
who takes care of our own wishes?

One desire in mind is to be taken care of
you highly want to be loved and appreciated.

To be shown affection and complemented from time to time.
The gift of fixing broken things, are crafted in our hearts
we have found dreams that must be realized

The display of love is written in our face
the anger and pain that’s the world has done to us,
it can be fixed, only if we receive what has been taken from us,
the freedom we desire is full companionship.
our storm will never end, our faith is on a way

We live and breed the warmth that makes a house a place to be
who can measure the energy we give out each day.
Our maintenance is to make the world a better place,
where love can flown without regrets or hazardous things,
surrounding it or obstacle standing in the way
Don’t let us cry with tears of mourners
you will find us gone, the loneliness will be left in this cold earth.
our love is free and is deep in the heart,
one own beauty lies deep beneath our pretty faces
if you can pill them off you will see lovely souls needs,
wanting to be loved more than anything in the universe 

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