Monday, 17 August 2015

you were that special friend i needed

You gave me smile even if it hurts
I wanted to be near you
I wanted to be there even if you fake it
I have on no account seen anyone like you
who truly stood her ground
Just the chance to see you in the distance

filled my heart with an excitement
your walk lead my mind to a fantasy world
your voice was like a thunder storm in a cold evening
you made me deem in everything I could be

I could not contest your love worth
you open your soul and I felt your heart beat
every time darkness falls around me I felt you under my skin
I don’t know when it could end, but it was beginning for me
it fills unbrakeable will be forever binded
you gave me faith to find love

As we lay  with your body pressed against colliery
this was more than caprico

n for thee
amazing eccentic is happening inside me
every jiffy getting in time

you will be the only that I will call my destiny
when we burn the emotion of the life
even the time bomb would not stop us
for another chance or lie of providence

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