Monday, 24 August 2015

MO & REE . . . . . . (Siblings)

When the cold air bust
Temptation and deceit come knocking
both of them stay strong with the unbreakable bond
sister’s love conquers all challenges

The beauty of this link is that they shared everything
except their boyfriends (secret admires)
they cry together, even console their pain with laughter
who could have thought such tie existed
Only Ruth and Naomi of bible time such were alive.

What was this sibling recipe
the source was love at early age
the mother had nourished it for time like this
Blood was not thicker than water

the trust and friendship was the only true union
dilemma was that the emptiness drawn them
hospitality was that it was their motivation
being with them is hard to say goodbye
Pretense was hard thing for them to do
laughter and free spirited sibling I ever seen

Sisters who are on fire
they wished they could fly away
to a tropical place for site seeing
two joy full hearts of a kind

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