Thursday, 6 August 2015

Lying in a induced coma

If you ever have a hole in your  heart
me loving you girl . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
your beauty used you give me goose bumps
all the time I was apart I only thought of you

If dreams were wings I would have flown to you
its you that made me fight to live again
I want to tell you, that you change me
you brought all the love inside me

If the lyrics were a spell I could have woken up already
I cant wait to be back with you
all I have is all ready been provided by you
smiling alone the pains becomes an illusion
I thought this love was forever

the contemplation of you unaided strain my throbbing
respecting the joy you as my comrade brought me tears
not knowing who will comfort you in this pitiless world
Vindictive words will be said to mar your strength
but remember my love was so true
there no anticipation in this death of a bed

many have laid but none could come back
Hope this words give you enough vigor
to exploit life out there, you are young life will come again
I had nothing to say except demise came an expected
if you reading this recording it means I am no more
my love, strength and joy I loved you more than the soil its self

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