Thursday, 30 July 2015

life was beautiful but death was not

That fatal crash left me fruitless
my soul is like an empty fridge waiting to be filled
I am like a journalist wondering for answers
its always why you?
why did it had to happen to me?

How could it have transpire
just after our engagement you left me alone
who could I talk to now
who will read my poems now
you will laugh at my crap sin

Forever was our last song before I got on my knees
now that sad moments make me wonder this whole
Love was such a great thing to me
but now love is for the bleak
abondened by the ring that is left for me

Your warm feeling has left  me bitter
you loud voice has derelict off
I wonder who looking after you
time came like a thief you went too soon
it was about time for you to take a bath
but the water drip on an empty shower

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