Monday, 20 July 2015

officially complicated

i dreamed of you last night
with your brown eyes so very clear
remembering all the promises i had made with you
i could fulfill even one of them
i know now you have someone new in your life and you are happy
i also found someone in my life
but the pictures are bright now and shinning
as its you i only see in my mind
5 years has passed without words spoken between us.
the day you left for England i had written a letter for you.
explaining how a coward could fight for you.
how could i let go with telling how much i cared for you
we played games like kids we could laugh the whole day without
knowing that we became closer and careers drifted us a part
you were my joy and pride but i was too weak to be a man
seasons come and go, people get married and die
but the time i spend with you control my heart
the flings i had wasted my time and money
the woman i met all of the were expendable
i hope this letter finds you well but myself belongs to you
you gave hope to this empty soul
it might seems i am crazy to ask you to leave the one you had
for us to try again to see what can i change the future.
i know that now i am not the only one
but i seal this letter with a tear of my love to you.

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