Monday, 25 May 2015

The narrator last version

However, you where supposed to be a friend
not like a dog wagging its tail
following me everywhere
waiting for me to throw a bone for it to fetch it

Love was supposed to be a free expression
because a man in love spend his time
although it’s still a mysterious thing
all the men want to experience it
Until you express those feelings

you may never know what could it had been for you
the trenches the heart can be no one knows it
no poetry in the world can help it
no love songs can share it for us

Gone are the days of love letters
that’s how truly can you express feelings freely
when you tell the truth of how you love you get rejected
only when you lie or pretend you get approved

If love was emotions the will e no cure
tricky it may sound love is when you love those negative things
words are the only things that brake and fix things
face to face conversation enlightens and brightens the person
to need a woman you go and do strange things
could the heart be honesty trusted?

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