Friday, 1 May 2015

The narrator part 2

I had a blinded love you
I even carved your name around my soul
but you went away with a new guy
you barely knew him but you were taken by his charm
I was stunned by you action

After two weeks passed by he dumped you
he chewed you after he spit you out
but because you were caring a child he did not want
the responsibilities and went on a camping tour
you came and cried you soul to me

I even stayed back to help you with your decision
I took my own savings to help you abort the child
as you said you were not ready to be a mother
I helped you murder an innocent child
blinded love I had for you made do all those things

for a chance if you could said you loved me
The arrow that I thought had missed my heart
we were out partying and the guys from camping returned
I was finally enjoying myself with you beside me
he entered through the door you jumped out,
to go and hug him and you even kissed him

Confessing you love for him
I stood there like a fool after everything I did for you
I could have brought for you the moon,
you name that was engraved on my soul killed me
I could have never let a rain drop in your body,
even after he left you he was the one you love
I died for you but you played me with your sad tears.

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