Monday, 27 April 2015

The Narrator part 1

The girl who used to be my friend
but something change is we go older
I never saw her as a friend anymore
everything about her over night I loved
more each day something mysterious
that words or deed could explain how I felt
I open my mouth but nothing comes out

she loved feeling loved
she did not love the fact that she always came second
she loved the fact that when she was home she could text me
she never felts alone or lonely
I don’t love the fact that is not forever

I loved the fact that I was answering his messages
I love the way I felt when I was with him
I did not love the way she felt when I was not around
when I respond then its not complicated
I never lied to you that’s the truth

let me into your heart
I even sell my soul for you
I do all for you if you give your heart to me
you will never see a tear drop in your eyes
I am crazy but crazy for you

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