Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The exes that comes to ruin something beautiful

perculliar when you have everything going well
when your sorrow is turned into gold
the charisma and the fake charms
why would you let it go

you had your chance and you let it slip
the gold mine was infront of your eyes
it explonded when your dirty laundry came to the seen
why do you want to come back

if on that engagement party you let your ex have a hold on you
you got the cheek to sleep on my bed while i am at work
modorate self worth was tarnish
how could you let him?her deceive you like that

was it not the reason you broke up wwith him/her in the first place
was it not the lies and the abuse that made you file for divorce
he/she swept away with lies tat he loved you
now that you left me dry on a raining day

you found out after he took you away from me and promised
to marry you that he had a wife he could brake up with
you are coming with your self pity hoping i would take you back
go back to your ex he could afford you with the lies that
seems to charm you as for me i have had enough of them and you

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